Arkema inaugurates its first PEKK production plant in U.S.

Arkema PEKK Production Plant (US)Arkema has successfully established a Kepstan PEKK (Poly-Ether-Ketone-Ketone) plant at its site near Mobile (Alabama – United States). The newly inaugurated plant is an investment step for Arkema’s ambitious growth strategy in high-performance polymers and advanced materials. Its development is supported by the Group’s cutting-edge technologies in search of solutions for sustainable development.

This investment complements the doubling of Kepstan PEKK resin capacities in France in 2017 and supports the strong demand for carbon fiber reinforced composites and 3D printing.

It showcases Arkema’s wish to strengthen its offering of advanced materials in the highly demanding markets such as aeronautics, oil and gas, electronics and automotive. Also, the Group’s commitment to lightweight materials is one of its six innovation platforms for sustainable development.

The Kepstan PEKK resins range features excellent mechanical, chemical, fire and abrasion resistance. These resins also accommodate a wide range of processing technologies specifically in the field of 3D printing where they are uniquely suited for powder sintering and filament extrusion processes.

Parts made of Kepstan reinforced carbon fiber PEKK. It replaced metal for structural parts of future generations of aircraft to provide lightweight materials including faster production cycles in the aeronautics and defense sectors.

Christophe Andre, Vice President for Advanced Materials for Arkema says: “This new capacity, which has been brought on line on schedule, will enable our customers and their customers to better meet the future demand for ever more efficient materials. We thank our customers, our partners and the users who have trusted us and very early on selected Kepstan PEKK in their respective markets.”

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