Anhui Excellent Trusts Reifenhäuser to Enter into Chinese Agricultural Film Market

Anhui Excellent Trusts ReifenhäuserAnhui Excellent Plastic Film Tech Co. Ltd. trusts the extrusion technology of Reifenhäuser to make a way into the Chinese agricultural film market.

Incepted back only three years, Anhui Excellent is among China’s first producers of superior quality silage stretch.

“We could only be successful with excellent system technology and a partner with the know-how needed for operation and production of the end products. Crucial factors for our success are the flexibility and reliability of the Reifenhäuser 3-layer blown film extrusion line and the Reifenhäuser team we opted for,” said founder and current Vice President, Liu Xian.

Xian did not have any experience in plastic films production. And neither did she jettison the essential equipment at the time.

Not only has the company hired support of Reifenhäuser, but it has partnered with Australian experts also, who have enormous experience in agricultural film production. At present, the company offers a wide product range, including packaging film and agricultural stretch film.

According to a study by Grand View Research, China, owing to its continuously increasing population, is one among the fastest developing markets for the agricultural film. The country reported a rise of 14% in agricultural film production in 2014. Besides, a further incessant growth in production capacities is likely to be witnessed by the country in the coming years.

Agricultural stretch film can help farmers in wrapping hay bales, following which, fermentation starts which positively impacts the hay’s nutritive value. Europe, Australia, and North America are already making the most of this technology. Nevertheless, China still has it in its initial developmental stage.

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