Advanced Eyewear Frames to Improve with Self-Healing TPU, Lubrizol Promotes at Chinaplas 2016

LurizolEngineered Polymers business of Lubrizol Corporation is all set to introduce ground-breaking TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) Estane® VSN 9000, at Chinaplas 2016, held from 25th to 28th of April, 2016. This TPU enhances the performance and aesthetics of top-notch eyewear frames.

The following exceptional technological features of Estane VSN 9000 are beneficial to producers, brand owners and designers of superior quality eyewear.

  • Capability of Self-Healing: One of the major loopholes in quality control includes scratches that occur at the time of production, assembly or handling of frames. Estane VSN 9000, with its self-healing capabilities, minimizes such defects through allowing repair for minor imperfections and scratches.
  • Mechanical Attributes: This TPU conveniently passes the “Pull Strength Test”, exhibiting the flexibility and toughness needed for durability and damage resistance of eyewear frame.
  • Outstanding Dimension Stability: Compared to Nylon 12, Estane VSN 9000 absorbs lesser amount of water and shrinks more uniformly. This ensures enhanced dimensional control, leading to greater fit and superior functional properties.
  • Chemical Resistance: With respect to substances such as hand creams, lotions, and sunscreens, Estane VSN 9000 is more chemically resistant compared to Polycarbonate and Nylon 12. This again ensures enhanced aesthetics all through the eyewear frame’s life.

According to Lubrizol’s industrial marketing manager for Asia Pacific region, Penson Lin, this pioneering material is solely a TPU with self-healing properties. It aims to enhance initial as well as long-wear function, fit and aesthetics of supreme quality eyewear frames so that they are of ultimate benefit to producers, designers, brands, and consumers. These benefits would be exhibited at Chinaplas 2016.

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