A1 to Control 50% Stake in Polyplastic Group, Achieves Co-ownership

Polyplastic Group50% stake in APG Polyplastic, a Cypriot company has been gained by A1.  Cypriot company owns POLYPLASTIC Group’s 96.5% stake.

At present, the POLYPLASTIC Group incorporates 15 top enterprises belonging to the tubular pipe polymer business situated in Kazakhstan, Belarus, and Russia with per year capacity of 300,000 tons of products, R&D Institutes, over 15 trading houses and a training center. According to a 2015 Forbes report, the Group is considered one amongst the Top-200 biggest Russian private companies. In 2014, the company generated total revenue of 29 billion roubles. So far as the plastic pipe market is concerned, the POLYPLASTIC Group is a leader.

A1 invests in potential companies belonging to the most speedily developing economic segments, with a present value lower than the base value owing to unsettled corporate clashes between shareholders and management or between shareholders themselves, low financial stability, high leverage, and absence of corporate governance transparency.

In collaboration with POLYPLASTIC Group’s management team and other shareholders, A1 plans to enhance the transparency and efficiency of the company’s operations and bring in international standards within corporate governance. In the coming 5 to 7 years, there are handsome prospects for the growth of the POLYPLASTIC Group particularly with the industry leadership of the company and the soaring potential for market development.

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