A-Plas improves bumper production with KraussMaffei’s MX machines

KraussMaffei MX Machine for Bumper

Production is dependent on many variants, cost pressures, and just-in-sequence delivery. According to Ahmet Ağaoğlu, Managing Director at A-Plas, the continuously growing demands in the automotive sector can only be met with sophisticated technology and lean production. He had, therefore, built the third a-Plas plant, operating since 2016, in only 18 months. The plant is the first to be completely designed for the production of bumpers for its main clients, Ford and Fiat.

Three MX machines with clamping forces between 16,000 and 32,000 kN from KraussMaffei are currently operating in the lower level of the state-of-the-art plant, to produce materials made from PP / ABS / EPDM. A six-axis robot delinks the sprue automatically and flame-treats the bumper to activate the surface. The painting system is just next to it, in which the components are coated with the color of the car.

In the final assembly, the components are to be mounted as per the directions of the customer ‘Fiat’. The A-Plas team follows the exact sequence as planned by the OEM for its production program.

IA-Plas considers that KraussMaffei and its Turkish sales and service partner, Tepro Makine, make the perfect team for predictive maintenance. Tepro is located near A-Plas with its technical office in Nilüfer / Bursa. This enables predictive maintenance and fast supply of spare parts simple.

Ahmet Ağaoğlu, managing director at A-Plas, explaining the importance of predictive maintenance, said, “Together, KraussMaffei as the manufacturer and Tepro as the agent provide us with a machine pool that meets our expectations for the highest quality and service entirely. We absolutely have to avoid any breakdowns in production because we generally keep our buffer stock to a minimum. High availability of all components is a fundamental requirement.”

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