$17 Million Invested by Pregis in Facility Expansion at Grand Rapids, Name Change to Pregis Films Announced

Varex IIPregis announces $17 million investment in Grand Rapids, which was home to Eagle Film Extruders operation. Eagle was bought by Pregis last year. From henceforth, Pregis will be known by the new name of Pregis Films.

The investment will render support to enhanced production space along with flexible and new converting equipment and packaging manufacture.

Eagle used to produce superior quality multi and mono-layered blown film that finds use in a range of packaging applications. Due to internal demand for extra superior quality film and flexible external packaging provisions by its converting operation, Eagle was bought by Pregis.

At present, the 90,000 square feet manufacturing facility at Grand Rapids is home to four top-notch blown film multilayered extrusion lines. If the roof is raised at that location, it will make room for a new installation, Windmoeller & Hoelscher’s Varex II five-layer line, projected to operate mid-summer. Available floor capacity along with structural modifications can make room for extra extrusion lines with the increase in demand in future.

CEO and President of Pregis, Kevin Baudhuin, says that the company is observing demand for e-commerce, industrial as well as other segments like flexible packaging, which call for superior quality materials. Investment in this facility will assist the company in catering to package performance as per expectations of the market segment  and make room for vertical integration for certain other products of the company.

Installation of ancillary and converting equipment would also take place for the production of flexible packaging in the separate converting facility of Pregis Films covering 70,000 square feet. In order to facilitate output increase, advanced analytical testing equipment would be leveraged for assisting clients in catering to their particular material performance needs.

To meet future capacity requirements, Pregis is also going for investment in resin handling and storage silos. At present, there are 80 employees in the Grand Rapids. The firm expects that 50 staff members would be added once the equipment becomes operational at that location.

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